Industrial Applications Antistats

Antistatic control for various matrices

Additives for Industrial Applications | Functions

Electrostatic charging is a challenging matter in the demanding industrial production. Our broad variety of cationics ensures the antistatic control for various matrices.

Product listing

  • AROSURF® PA-842
    AROSURF® PA 842 is a non-volatile, FDA-sanctioned specialty formulation.
  • AROSURF® PA-844
    AROSURF® PA 844 is a non-volatile, FDA sanctioned specialty formulation which is added as a wet end softener/debonder for tissue or towel manufacture. AROSURF® PA 844 may be sprayed on a felt supported sheet as a topical softener.
    REWOQUAT® CPEM is a coco pentaethoxy methyl ammonium metho-sulfate.
  • REWOQUAT® CR 3099
    Bis-(vegetable acid isopropyl ester) dimethyl ammonium methosulfate.