Additives for Industrial Applications

fluid technologies

Our combinations of organics and siloxanes is your success

Our products are based on our broad platform of organic and organo modified siloxane chemistry that combines the positive performance of pure silicone oils, which are characterized by their chemical inertness, good temperature stability and excellent surface activity with specialty organic chemistry. Their surface tension is very low (21 mN/m), much lower than that of hydrocarbon surfactants.

The poor solubility of silicones in most solvents prevents the full utilization of their advantageous properties. Our products modify the polydimethyl siloxane in order to render them compatible with, or soluble in, aqueous or organic systems. This is achieved by incorporating various organic moieties. The organomodified silicones are a very diverse product group with many unique and fascinating properties.

Different application areas with regards to release agents for manufacturers of rubber hoses and profiles, antifoams for diesel packages, release agents and defoamers for refinery applications as well as products which could be defined by physicochemical specification and/or chemical structure. Functions as antifoams, wetting agents, emulsifiers, surface modifying agents.