Additives for Industrial Applications

Auxiliaries for demanding industrial processes

We offer a wide range of specialty chemicals out of our silicones and oleochemical technology platform.

Excessive foaming, reduced filling capacity, longer filling times, and thus reduced productivity at the fuel pump – these are the main reasons why defoamers have become a key component in multifunctional diesel additive packages.

However, the requirements of defoamers today are anything but standard. Additive packages are constantly being adapted to new specifications to extract more energy from fuels – and to maintain their effectiveness with every new engine generation and further reduce emissions.

That’s why defoamers are being constantly refined for better performance and greater cost-efficiency. Defoamers that meet these demands are known under the Evonik brand name TEGO® Antifoam.

Beside our product range for metalworking fluids and fuels we also offer products for the refinery industry.

On the one hand we provide a shaping and release agent for the production of sulphur pastilles after the natural gas purification or in the process of oil purification (hydro treatment/ H2S).

On the other hand we offer defoamers which can be used in the process of gas sweetening.

With the the GETREN® L series we offer release agents for long hose production, which are used in the continuous extrusion of rubber on mandrels, with hose lengths between 2 and 400 m.

Products of the GETREN® R series reliably reduce static as well as sliding friction in the production of shaped hoses. They ensure a smooth release from the mandrel without time constraints or damage to the hoses. Our GETREN® R release agents are extremely resistant to the high temperatures and pressure during vulcanization.

Mold release agents of the GETREN® M series from Evonik can be used for all compression and injection molded rubber parts, drive belts, and conveyor belts. They allow easy demolding of rubber parts, reduce soiling of the mold surface and ensure the dimensional accuracy of the molded rubber part.

For mold release we offer both silicone oil based and silicone oil free formulations that can be used for all the usual types of polymers in compression and injection processes.

The products of our GETREN® P series are water-based silicone oil emulsions as well as OMS based sliding polymers that form a solid lubricating film on the rubber seal. They provide excellent sliding properties, allowing an easy assembling of seals and window frames requiring only little effort.

Evonik is providing a broad range of technologies to serve the road construction industry.
TEGO® Addibit additives provide solutions for today's requirements such as durability, reduction of emissions and energy consumption, and thus support sustainable road construction and maintenance.

We offer adhesion promoters, emulsifiers, other auxiliaries and stabilizers for foamed bitumen.

Desired effects of our wetting agents used in electroplating are:

  • Abrasion
  • Wear resistance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Lubricity
  • Aesthetic qualities

Our products support processing of evenly plated surfaces.

Evonik offers various products for waste water treatment. Disinfection of drinking water systems, detoxification of waste water and treatment of cooling water systems with DEGACLEAN® 150 are only three examples of this application field.

All additions of oxidative material requires foam control products. With our TEGO® Antifoam products we offer foam control for all waste water handling processes.

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