TEGO® Surten E

Process Enablers for Lithium Ion Batteries

Every small improvement counts with Lithium Ion Batteries (LIB). Evonik's process enablers help contribute to further improvements in the production of LIB’s which yield better electrical 
performance and lower overall costs.  Each contribution facilitates the transition to a sustainable mode of transportation.

Lab Testing for Lithium-Ion Battery Processing Aids
TEGO® Surten E – Process Enablers for Lithium Ion Batteries

Please contact us for an overview about our additives with a description of how using them can help you to produce lithium ion batteries more efficiently. Our broad surfactant technology platform enables us to offer a wide range of products to support your battery production, from wetting and dispersing agents, to defoamers and plasticizers. Clustered together they are marketed under our new brand name family of TEGO® Surten E.

Our global Fluid Technologies team can assist you with any technical and developmental support, as well as help you select the best product to suit your requirements.