Sliding agents for window rubber seals

Whenever different surfaces come into contact, friction occurs. The assembly of rubber profiles into flat paneled window frames clearly shows this effect: The rubber and the frame rub against one another and it requires a lot of power to assure precise positioning of the window components. Using a sliding agent that forms a lubricating film on the profile considerably facilitates this process, as friction is being reduced.

Sliding agents made by Evonik, the GETREN® P series, are based on silicone oil emulsions or organo modified siloxanes (= OMS). They can be applied by either dipping or spraying after vulcanization, offer excellent
sliding properties and are suitable for the use on Plexiglas® or polycarbonate plates without causing stress cracks.

While silicone oil emulsions are the traditional solution, sliding polymers based on OMS are a more advanced generation of sliding agents offering a significant benefit: Converse to silicone oils that never dry out completely, OMS based products form a dry film on the profiles. OMS must not be mistaken with silicone oils which
are polydimethylsiloxanes (PDMS).

Evonik works also closely with externaland renowned third party institutes forfield testing and further product developments.

With regard to the use in combination with self-cleaning glasses, please note that we do not conduct any own tests concerning our products’ compatibility. This remains to be checked with the relevant glass manufacturer. We do not assume and therefore hereby exclude any warranty or liability in this regard, even if the relevant glass manufacturer has approved our products for this application.


  • Excellent sliding properties and reduction of fricition
  • Compatibility with PLEXIGLAS®
  • Various chemical bases for different customer needs