TEGO® Surten E

Wetting Agents for Photovoltaic Wafer Cutting

Evonik provides many kinds of wetting agents for a wide variety of industries and has gathered decades of technical expertise. We also continue to strive for new developments utilizing the full range of our technology platforms from siloxanes and branched polyesters to alkoxylated alcohols and diols.

Our newest developments are geared towards finding the balance between the lowest dynamic surface tension and surface contact angle to create the best wetting agents for the latest high-performance photovoltaic cutting process: products which remove the cutting (swarf) quickly and effectively but are also durable enough to ensure an economic and hence more sustainable operation.

Our commercially available products under the brand name TEGO® Surten E are already considered best-in-class. Yet, we strive to solve the individual formulation needs together with partners and customers to evolve as the industry transforms and places more requirements on the cutting process.

Watch our video and learn more about wetting agents for photovoltaic wafer cutting

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