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Release agents for sulphur forming

TEGO® Sulpho is the Evonik brand for release agents used for the production of sulphur pastilles in refineries.


For many years Evonik has been successfully supplying the release agent TEGOPREN® 5863 – now branded as TEGO® Sulpho 1 – to the sulphur forming industry. Our product ensures that sulphur droplets can be released from steel belts efficiently. However, with increasing requirements to the process of sulphur pastillizing we have re-engineered our product. The innovation is a result of a unique partnership between Sandvik and Evonik.

By introducing TEGO® Sulpho 2 we set a new benchmark in terms of efficiency and performance for the industrial production of sulphur pastilles, offering improved handling and processing properties. Our new technology offers significant improvement of pastille quality. Their so called “Hamburger” shape has the benefit of fewer brittle edges and less dust.