Additives for Industrial Applications

Interfacial chemistry

Having access to a very broad range of chemistry, we offer solutions for many different kinds of interfacial phenomena, such as foaming, wetting and dispersing, hydrophobizing or hydrophilizing, lubricating, emulsifying and many more.

Evonik's chemistry ranges from oleochemicals over different types of surfactants to organomodified siloxanes.

Controlling processes at interfaces by applying suitable surfactants
Controlling processes at interfaces by applying suitable surfactants

Our TEGO® Antifoam products prevent foam formation during production, where pre-existing foam is destroyed and air occlusions are impeded.

They are available for as emulsions, solutions or concentrates. Because of their optimized particle size emulsions have the greatest possible effectiveness and compatibility while defoamer concentrates provide fast processing.

Electrostatic charging is a challenging matter in the demanding industrial production. Our broad variety of cationics ensures the antistatic control for various matrices.

Our multifunctional REWOCOROS® additives do not only prevent rust and corrosion on work pieces, machine parts and metal tools but may also provide co-emulsifying, low foaming or lubricity enhancing properties.
We offer solutions for ferrous as well as non-ferrous materials, with a good compatibility in both aqueous and oil based formulations.

Our emulsifer range ensures good dermatological properties and does not have restrictive labeling. Being either glycerol or sorbitan based they are easily soluble, show low foaming tendency and have an excellent heat stability.

Our surfactants control foam formation whenever it is needed and also under critical conditions. When it comes to hard water tolerant amphoterics or, e.g. for creamy foaming anionics in polymer applications can be considered.

Our product range for mechanical rubber goods also comprises sliding agents for the assembly of rubber seals into window frames.

Depending on your specific requirements, our GETREN® P products are either based on silicone oils or organomodified siloxanes.

In some industrial processes malodor is unavoidable. Our TEGO® Sorb product range permanently removes unpleasant smelling substances by chemical binding.

We offer high performance release agents for the production of mechanical rubber goods. The products of our GETREN® R, L and M series provide excellent sliding properties. They have no impact on the physical properties of the rubber, are free of silicone oils and several grades have an exceptionally high biodegradability.

Our TEGOMER® product range comprises linear, reactive polydimethylsiloxanes with various terminal functional group. Each is specially developed to generate durable modification of solid and flexible surfaces to further optimize a products' properties.

Our broad chemical base on wetting agents helps to increase the dispersing properties in both aqueous and non-aqueous media. This supports demanding industrial processes.

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