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Evonik is providing a broad range of technologies to serve the road construction industry. 

TEGO® Addibit additives provide solutions for today's requirements such as durability, reduction of emissions and energy consumption, and thus support sustainable road construction and maintenance.

We offer adhesion promoters, emulsifiers, other auxiliaries and stabilizers for foamed bitumen.

TEGO® Addibit adhesion promoter for hot asphalt are characterized by excellent adhesion and wetting properties and high temperature stability. Consequently they allow a significant reduction of amine emissions during asphalt production and processing.
The adhesion between aggregate and bitumen is crucial in asphalt pavements and has a strong influence on the service time of the road. Increased traffic and advanced asphalt technology (open graded asphalt) result in higher requirements concerning adhesion properties. Thus, the addition of adhesion promoters is gaining importance, particulary with regard to PPP projects and maintanance costs during service time of the road.

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We offer auxiliaries to prevent foam, malodor or separation in bitumen manufacturing processes.

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TEGO® Addibit emulsifiers were specifically developed for the modification of bitumen and its further processing for the production of bitumen emulsions.

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Foamed bitumen is of growing importance with respect to lowering the temperature in recycling applications. However, many bitumen grades do not show the required values with respect to both initial foam height and half-life time of the generated foam.
Our TEGO® Addbit FS 725 A helps to reduce processing temperature, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions significantly.

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TEGO Addibit - Additives for Asphalt and Bitumen Applications
Brochure "Additives for Asphalt and Bitumen Applications"Broschüre "Additive für Asphalt- und Bitumenanwendungen"

Evonik is providing a broad range of technologies to serve the  road construction industry. TEGO Addibit additives provide solutions for today's requirements such as durability, reduction of emissions and energy consumption, and thus support sustainable road construction and maintenance. 

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