Antifoams for diesel additive packages

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Reducing initial foam height and foam collapse time are crucial factors for antifoams being used in diesel additive packages. Furthermore, the treated fuels have to maintain their stability over several weeks of storage and down to extremely low temperatures.

Our TEGO® Antifoams guarantee this high level performance our customers expect, even in wet fuel applications or whatever the specific requirement may be. They show excellent water shedding properties and require only small amounts or even no additional use of solvents. 

Product listing

  • TEGOPREN® 5851

    TEGOPREN® 5851 is a 100 % active defoamer based on organo-modified siloxanes. Diesel defoamer, recommended for dry fuel.

  • TEGO® Antifoam MR 465

    Highly efficient diesel defoamer for dry and wet fuel (reduced treat rate).

  • TEGO® Antifoam MR 507

    Highly efficient diesel defoamer for high containing bio diesel parts.