The production of shaped rubber hoses requires high performing release agents that provide excellent sliding properties, yet with no negative impact on the physical properties of the rubber.

Evonik offers release agents meeting  highest modern production standards. They help to reduce static and sliding friction without damaging the inner surface of the hoses in the extrusion process  of green tubes and their vulcanization in the second production step.

Using the right release agents allows a  continuous and efficient production, which is of utmost importance to hose manufacturers. Besides meeting the  physicochemical needs of the production processes, Evonik release agents do not cause corrosion on the mandrels, are silicon oil free and do not emit any odor.

All of our products in our current portfolio do not contain any hazardous substances and are thus listing-free. Furthermore,  we have a wide range of biodegradable products with excellent biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD&COD) which help to lower waste water treatment costs.

main benefits
  • Excellent release effect

  • Does not contain silicone oil

  • Easy washability

  • Temperature stability

  • Excellent biodegradability, i.e. potential  cost savings in waste water treatment

Product listing

  • GETREN® R 4200

    Release agent for radiator hoses. Polyether.

  • GETREN® R 4230

    GETREN® R 4230 is a release agent mainly used for the production of ECO and EPDM rubber hoses (sulphur & peroxide rubber). Furthermore it is suitable for FKM and CM rubber mixtures as well as hoses made with different types of inliners.

  • GETREN® R 4280

    GETREN® R 4280 is a release agent for shape rubber hoses, especially suited for Standard rubber blends like EPDM, NBR, FKM as well as PVC and Silicone compounds.

  • GETREN® R 4520

    Release agent for turbo hoses. Mixture of ester oils and polyether, silicone oil free.

  • GETREN® R 4550

    GETREN® R 4550 is a release agent for high temperature resistant rubber hoses that are based on acrylate rubber mixtures, e. g. VAMAC®. Biodegradable release agent based on organic substances, silicone oil free.

  • GETREN® R 4560

    Release agent for VAMAC® hoses.

  • GETREN® R 4580

    GETREN® R 4580 is a release agent for shape rubber hoses, especially suited for acrylic rubber blends like VAMAC, AEM, ACM.

  • GETREN® R 4600

    GETREN® R 4600 is a release agent for high temperature resistant rubber hoses based on ECO and CR.

  • GETREN® R 4700

    Release agent for radiator hoses. Mixture of fatty acid ethoxylates and polyether.

  • GETREN® R 5030

    Waxy release agent for the extrusion process of shaped rubber hoses, suitable for EPDM (sulphur and peroxide cured), ECO and NBR rubber mixtures.