The GETREN® P series - Sliding agents for window rubber seals

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The products of our GETREN® P series are water-based silicone oil emulsions as well as OMS based sliding polymers that form a solid lubricating film on the rubber seal. They provide excellent sliding properties, allowing an easy assembling of seals and window frames requiring only little effort.

Some of our products are even suitable for PLEXIGLAS® or polycarbonate plates, not causing any stress cracks. Additionally, they offer an outstanding price-performance ratio.  
Sliding polymers based on OMS (= organomodified siloxanes) are a more advanced generation of sliding agents offering several benefits: In opposite to silicone oils that never dry out completely, OMS based products form a dry film on the profiles. Some OMS based sliding polymers can also be used with self-cleaning glasses.*

*For the use on self-cleaning glasses, our product has been approved by Pilkington, a member of Nippon Sheet Glass Group, for glass type Pilkington Activ ™. For more detailed information see and the respective technical information (“Technical Update Document”) as well as

Product listing

  • GETREN® P 3000

    Gliding agent for window profiles. Silicone oil emulsion.

  • GETREN® P 3200 N

    GETREN® P 3200 N, a mixture of different siloxanes, is used as a sliding polymer for the assembly of building and window profiles.

  • GETREN® P 3300

    Gliding polymer for window profiles. Preparation of various siloxanes.

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