Sliding agents for window rubber seals


Whenever different surfaces come into contact, friction occurs. The assembly of rubber profiles into flat paneled window frames clearly shows this effect: The rubber and the frame rub against one another and it requires a lot of power to assure precise positioning of the window components. Using a sliding agent that forms a lubricating film on the profile considerably facilitates this process, as friction is being reduced.

Some of our products are even suitable for PLEXIGLAS® or polycarbonate plates, not causing any stress cracks. Additionally, they offer an outstanding price-performance ratio.  

Sliding polymers based on OMS (= organomodified siloxanes) are a more advanced generation of sliding agents offering several benefits: In opposite to silicone oils that never dry out completely, OMS based products form a dry film on the profiles. Some OMS based sliding polymers can also be used with self-cleaning glasses.

**For the use on self-cleaning glasses, our product has been approved by Pilkington, a member of Nippon Sheet Glass Group, for glass type Pilkington Activ ™. For more detailed information see and the respective technical information (“Technical Update Document”) as well as

Main Benefits
  • Excellent sliding properties and  reduction of fricition

  • Compatibility with PLEXIGLAS®

  • Various chemical bases for different  customer needs

Product listing

  • GETREN® P 3000

    Gliding agent for window profiles. Silicone oil emulsion.

  • GETREN® P 3300

    Gliding polymer for window profiles. Preparation of various siloxanes.

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