Industrial Applications Antifoams

Defoamers and antifoams for industrial applications

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Our TEGO® Antifoam products prevent foam formation during production, where pre-existing foam is destroyed and air occlusions are impeded.

Fields of application are

They are available for as emulsions, solutions or concentrates. Because of their optimized particle size emulsions have the greatest possible effectiveness and compatibility while defoamer concentrates provide fast processing.

Product listing

  • TEGO® Antifoam 1-85

    TEGO® Antifoam 1-85 is a highly efficiency silicone based antifoam emulsion which can be easily diluted with water. TEGO® Antifoam 1-85 is used for foam control in various industrial applications.

  • TEGO® Antifoam 14

    Highly compatible antifoam for the use in water-miscible metal working fluid concentrates - particularly for soluble oils and as tank side defoamer and in metal cleaners.

  • TEGO® Antifoam 1435

    Defoamer emulsion based on modified siloxanes and non-ionic emulsifiers.

  • TEGO® Antifoam 1488

    Defoamer for foam control during emulsion production.

  • TEGO® Antifoam 2290

    Paraffinic oil, without silicone. Adhesives, Production and formulation of acrylates; SBR/NBR latices, formulation of PF- and PUF-Resins.

  • TEGO® Antifoam 3062

    Antifoam concentrate suitable for pre-defoaming of low-water containing metalworking fluids. Provides excellent compatibility.

  • TEGO® Antifoam 793

    Highly compatible and therefore suitable for all kinds of water-miscible metal working fluids; can be used in concentrates and as tank side defoamer.

  • TEGO® Antifoam AS 10

    10 % active antifoam emulsion for foam control in a variety of aqueous media, provides excellent stability in alkaline or electrolyte containing media, even at elevated temperatures.

  • TEGO® Antifoam KS 6

    Self-emulsifying antifoam concentrate used for foam control in a variety of aqueous media. Possible usage even in strong acidic or alkaline media.

  • TEGO® Antifoam KS 911

    Organic antifoam concentrate containing no silicone or silicone-related compounds, completely Si-free. Provides good foam knock-down/hold-down in aqueous media above its cloud point.

  • TEGO® Antifoam MR 1015

    Emulsion concentrate based on organomodified siloxane. Suitable for all kinds of wm MWF; can be used in wm MWF concentrates and as tank side defoamer, also recommended for the use in metal cleaners as it exhibits excellent alkaline stability even at higher temperatures

  • TEGO® Antifoam MR 2124

    Si-free tank side defoamer for water-miscible metal working fluids, provides excellent foam knock-down and improved filterability in comparison to competitive wax-based antifoams.

  • TEGO® Antifoam WM 20

    Easily dilutable 20 % active antifoam emulsion suitable for a multitude of industrial processes, especially suited for alkaline and acidic aqueous media.