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Our products are based on our broad platform of organic and organo modified siloxane chemistry that combines the positive performance of pure silicone oils with organic chemistry.

Polyether silicones

We offer solubilizer, emulsifier and defoamer for additional silicone auxiliaries. Alkylpolyether silicones are very compatible to multiple systems, due to their high molecular weight they stabililize interfaces even at high temperatures.

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Alkyl Silicone

We offer spreading agents for oils, defoamer and high temperature stable lubricants.

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Alkyl polyglucoside 2

Either neat emulsifiers or ready to use emulsions for a broad range of industrial processes. Our emulsions are finely dispersed and therefore they show excellent long-tome stability and easy dilutability.

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Polyether silicones

In addition to their known surface activity in aqueous and organic systems, our OMS products are primarily characterized by their multifunctionality.
The properties of the organomodified siloxanes include  levelling, wetting or dewetting, releasing and/or debonding, foaming or defoaming, emulsifying or demulsifying 

hydrophilic or hydrophobic , and dispersing or coagulating.

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Organic cationic quats

We offer water-soluble quaternaries used as substantive dispersants, antistatic agents and emulsifiers.

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Hydrophilic polymers

We offer taylormade auxiliaries for industrial processes like release agents, lubricants or mild defoamer with easy aqueous rinse off efficiency.

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Mechanical rubber goods
Hydrophobic polymers

We offer highly hydrophobic polyethers which are used as defoamers and lubricity enhancers.

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Quaternary silicones

Our quaternary silicones provide water-soluble lubricantcy, wetting/spreading and hydrophilic softening.

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Reactive silicones

Our reactive silicones providie durable surface modification for polymers and flexible surfaces with counter reactive anchor groups.

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Silicone oils

We offer high spreading lubricants and defoamers.

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We offer high foaming surfactants for dyeing and polymer foams with good electrolyte compatibility.

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