Polyether silicones

Taylormade lubricantcs, solvents, emulsifiers or wetting agents of silicone auxilliaries and sensible organics 

Polyether siloxanes

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In addition to their known surface activity in aqueous and organic systems, our OMS products are primarily characterized by their multifunctionality. The properties of the organomodified siloxanes include levelling, wetting or dewetting, releasing and/or debonding, foaming or defoaming, emulsifying or demulsifying, hydrophilic or hydrophobic as well as dispersing or coagulating.

TEGO® Sulpho 2

TEGO® Sulpho 2 is a liquid product based on polyether modified polysiloxane. Novelty release agent providing + better solubility in water + no flocculation + improved stability under hot and cold conditions

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