Silicone oils


Siloxane compounds

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We offer high spreading lubricants and defoamers.

Product listing

  • GETREN® P 3300

    Gliding polymer for window profiles. Preparation of various siloxanes.

  • TEGO® Antifoam 1-85

    TEGO® Antifoam 1-85 is a highly efficiency silicone based antifoam emulsion which can be easily diluted with water. TEGO® Antifoam 1-85 is used for foam control in various industrial applications.

  • TEGO® Antifoam 50

    50 % active antifoam emulsion based on silicone oil used to prevent or to destroy foam in a wide range of industrial applications, especially suited for alkaline or acidic media.

  • TEGO® Antifoam WM 20

    Easily dilutable 20 % active antifoam emulsion suitable for a multitude of industrial processes, especially suited for alkaline and acidic aqueous media.